Monday, April 5, 2010

Bloggin Chain

Ilene, my online scrappy friend :), listed me in a blog chain, and now I'm passing it on. Check out her post and blog about it HERE. Thanks Ilene!!

Now I'm supposed to list 10 things that make me happy, 5 pieces of trivia about myself, and pass this award on to 5 fellow bloggers.

Things that make me happy:
1. Scrapbooking :)
2. Starbucks Coffee
3. DD
4. Springtime
5. My work
6. DH
7. TV
8. My friends
9. Weekends :)
10. Holidays

5 Pieces of Trivia about me:
1. I have to have coffee every morning
2. I love chips
3. Shopping is totally for me :)
4. I hate to fold clothes
5. I am going to have a grandson in June

5 Blogging friends (click on their names to check out their blogs - you'll be inspired!):
1. Janet
2. Vieve
3. Audrey
4. Pat
5. Fia

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