Sunday, October 3, 2010

Starting Oct 1st...Bask N Glow contest...A Walk Down Memory Lane

We want to start off the rejuvenation of our board and gallery with a fun contest that will allow you to Bask N Glow in your own creative glory!! Read how the contest works below--Remember this starts Oct. 1st (if you are a current board member you can particpate as well)

This contest runs for two weeks: Oct. 1st-15th PRIZE: MME Prize package AND a store Gift certificate

1. Register in the gallery if you have not done so yet. You must load at LEAST 3 of your favorite layouts or projects, you can post as many as you like. Your name will be entered in the drawing for just uploading the first 3.

2. Then you need to post at least 15 times within the two week period- NOT 15 times in 1 day although feel free - we would love to chat with you. Your name will be entered in the drawing for this
2b. You may if you like keep track yourself in your profile in your signature box. However, we can track this as well, so it isn't necessary.


3. If you do at least 1 of the daily challenges and load it in the gallery and link it you get entered in the drawing again.

4. If you do at least 2 sketches and load it in the gallery and link it back to the sketch you get entered again.

5. If you invite a friend or two or three and they post a Hello and that you invited them you get 1 entry regardless of how many you invite over. HOWEVER, if you invite a friend and they full partipate with at least the top 1 & 2 rules above you will get an entry per each person.

We want to remind you all that praise in the gallery is VERY important to your BASKING so make sure to give everyone love.
The winner will be tallied and posted by 5pm Pacific coast time Oct. 17th.

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