Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What a FABULOUS Tuesday!!!!

Ok ladies....I copied this right off of Teresa Collins blog!!! I'm over the top excited to see my name on this list!!! What a honor to be one of the finalist for the Teresa Collins DT. Good luck to everyone on the list!!

Oh, this is so hard. I was given the names of the girls who are the top finalist. I can't thank the panel of judges who helped in this process. I was told that there was so many beautiful entry's that it was the hardest decision to narrow down the list. I want to thank each of you that submitted.

The list is in NO particular order.

Teresa Collins Design Team Finalist:

Sandie Vincent- England

Yvonne Blair-Florida

Dianna Kronquist- North Carolina

Stacy Rodriguez-Illinois

Karen Gerber-Canada

Tina Schubert-Germany

Dianna Kronquist- North Carolina

Audra Wright- California

Gaelle Fauglas- France

Lisa Houpt- Florida

Jan Hennings- Iowa

Dawn Tavela- Massachusetts

Lee Brehon- Canada

Michele Holzhauser- Arkansaw

Laurie Martin- Cohn- Oregon

Karolina Wycislik- Poland

Amanda Jones- United Kingdom

Kelly Boyden- Florida

Kathy Morgan- California

Vanessa Giurdanella-Germany

Manita Philipsen-The Netherlands

Jeno Dodaj- Connecticut

Hera Frei- Switzerland

Staci Taylor- Maryland

Tami Sanders- Texas

Jen Erickson- Illinois

Joanne Bain- Australia

Kim Sonksen- United Kingdom

Jennifer Hottinger- Canada

Angela Ploegman- Iowa

Azura Alyssa- Singapore

Ashley Harris- Arizona

Laura McCollough- California

Julie Jacob- Washington

Lisa Spiegel- California

Maridette Cachola- California

Stacey Michaud- Connecticut

Candy Rosenberg- Oregon

Gini Williams- North Carolina

Colette Nederhoff-New Mexico

Kathy Floen- Montana

Sarah Slade- United Kingdom

Mette Kallander- Sweden

Karen Wilson- Arizona

Kaori Fujimoto- Japan

Danielle- the Paper Princess- Calfornia

Aida Haron- Singapore

Kim Garner- Iowa

Ly Thein Le- California

Ellen Sosnoski- Pennsylvania

Sarah Larson- Wisconsin

Ann-Kartin Toresen- Norway

Cara Vincens- France

Niki Willaert-Minnesota

Jill Cornelius- Texas

Anya Lunchenko-Pennsylvania

Patti Hamil- Georgia

Jeanie Dickinson- Wyoming

Pam Taylor- Utah

Caroline Kelly- Massachusetts

Michelle Luther- Tennessee

Lauren Ferguson- Georgia

Anna Willett- Virginia

Becky Teichmiller- Wisconsin

Jennifer Haggerty- Illinois

Cindy Simoes-

Mieke Nagtegaal- The Netherlands


All of the entry's have been beautiful and I know that this was a HARD task to narrow it down.

We are getting closer- the judges have been so wonderful.
The design team will be announced this week- I promise as soon as possible. I know this takes a lot of time and effort and I appreciate the panel's help.

THANK YOU to all of you who submitted. I am OVERWHELMED with the response!!!!!! I can't thank you enough for sharing your desire to be on the team.



  1. Congrats Stac! Love seein so many local gals on the list!

  2. WTG...Stacy...hope you can make it there!!
    Will keep my thumbs up for you!

  3. yeah! i was just coming over to say wahoo and that i saw you on there!!! congrats!!!! ;)

  4. Congrats! Good luck! I hope you get the position!

  5. Wow you and Angela--I know the name Kim G. too, but not her.....good luck--I hope you make this--what fun you will have

  6. Congrats, Stacy!!! I'm rootin' for you!!! :D