Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dyan(lusional) Weekend } The Scrapbooking Studio

Hello everyone....I have a quick minute to blog about the amazingly uber fun weekend!  Dyan Reaveley is at The Scrapbooking Studio this weekend where I work and teach teaching her fabulous journal classes.

The madness started on Friday when UPS brought all of this......Holly and I were busy all day getting ready and helping Dyan sort and set up for her weekend.

Here is Dyan telling us just how she

Friday night at the store Dyan was chatting it up with everyone.  I brought my daughter back to meet her.

 Ariel showed off her book that she made for a school project (with no help from me) using Dyan's sprays & stamps, Tim's stains & stamps along with some Wendy Vecchi Art Parts and stamps.

Ariel was going to help out at the store all weekend....Saturday morning before class started Dyan told Ariel that she wanted her to take one of her classes and she could pick which one!!  Smiling from ear to ear she got to pick one of the 4 classes....she picked doodling in your journal.  Can I just say my daughter is totally hooked.

This is one of her pages she created.

She didn't even mind the inky hands :)

Here is a pick of both of us playing....I mean working :)

I must say my daughter said it better then I could even imagine......

"I love how she makes you feel that your creations that are so imperfect are PERFECT"



  1. thats because they are Perfect!!!! Of course !!! It was a pleasure to have you both in class and thank you for all you have done. Mwah gorgeous girlies xxx

  2. so glad Ariel had a great time! Looks like she is just as talented as her mama! ;) Great seeing you both this weekend!