Monday, August 22, 2011

Many THANKS & Olivia update!!!

Hello everyone!! First of all I want to thank ALL of you so very much!! What started out to me as a card drive for Olivia....thinking how nice would it be to get 100 cards to brighten her day, has turned into something I could never have imagined!!! I have called the post office to warn them of the card drive in case I need to start making trips there to pick up the mail :):)

I am truly grateful for all of my scrappy friends who have shared the link to the card drive, along with so many of you that I don't personally know, along with the many others who have shared this info that I don't even know about. I know it is on many blogs, facebook and even twitter (and I don't even know how to tweet)!!!

A special thank you to the special manufactures who have also shared this info....Nikki Sivils who has a FABULOUS give-a-way on her blog about this, Xyron (who Christina Olivia's mom design for), my good friends at Echo Park, and Helmar.....I love you all!!!

So let me share with you some pictures of Olivia from this past weekend. This is a picture of Olivia hanging with her older sister :)

And you know little girls love to have tea parties!!! Here she is having a fabulous tea party with all of her sisters and her grandma moo moo!!

So surgery was this morning. She was scheduled for 8 am for a surgery that was suppose to be 6-8 hours long, before surgery they informed Christina & David that it would be 8-10 hours!! So imagine my surprise when 4 1/2 hours later I got word that they were closing her up!!!! Now to share what David (Olivia's dad posted) :):)

Day 7 Surgery:
What we thought was going to be one of the worst days of our lives turned out to be one of the greatest. They were able to remove Olivias entire tumor. Olivia is in the PICU, has multiple IV's, breathing tube, and is heavily sedated. She wont be totally out of the woods for a few days, and will most likely need radiation and or chemo in the future. Thank you everyone for all the prayers. A MIRACLE has just occurred. We know that Dr. Menezes is not GOD, but he is definitely a close relative.

I know that having Olivia in your thoughts and prayers helped this miracle come true!!! Thank you so much to all of you, it means more than you will ever know.

On a fun note....Olivia got 4 cards and a package in the mail here today!! I plan on making the first mail delivery this Sunday.

Thanks again to EVERYONE!!!!! I will keep you posted.



  1. That is wonderful news, Stacy! My 5 year old and I are hoping to mail our cards in the morning <3

  2. Oh my goodness, this is wonderful news! I posted about it on my blog just a few minutes ago, and my card is going in the mail tomorrow! Today my daughter started Kindergarten but all I could think about was Olivia! Thank you so much for being a big part of this miracle!

  3. This is SUCH AWESOME news Stacy!!! Thank you for keeping us updated!! I loveeeeee what her Dad wrote and loveeeeeeeeeee the photos! :):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Stacy, that is such amazing news!!
    Love all the pictures you shared!!
    Thank you for the update!!

  5. Oh Stacy!!! Wonderful news and thanks for the update!...I will continue to keep her in my prayers!

  6. That is wonderful news! I mailed my card yesterday, and in it I promised my girls and I would be praying every day for Olivia until she was completely better. Yesterday we prayed that God would give her surgeons wisdom and guidance. So glad the tumor is completely gone!!

  7. Thanks for organizing this Stacy!!! My card should get to you tomorrow!!! I am so very glad to hear everything went well!! All those prayers worked!

  8. Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.

    That is wonderful news!!!!!!! More cards going your way :)

  9. oh my gosh, I am so happy she came out of surgery ok, and in less time even!! Her dad has a way with words.. truly touched my spirit. I'm a new follower, and will be sending a card in the mail to you for Olivia tomorrow. Many blessings to you and your family. xoxo