Sunday, August 28, 2011

THANK YOU ALL!!! Our visit with Olivia :)

First of all I have to say a huge THANK YOU!!!! This week seeing all the cards that have come in and packages for Olivia has been FABULOUS!!! Everyday when the mail would come I would grab my paper and write it all down. (so this is going to be a long post)!! Today we went to see Olivia for the first time since she was taken to Iowa City. She had her surgery a week ago tomorrow, and the good news just keeps coming. They removed all of the tumor, she may still have to undergo radiation for awhile....but as you will see, she is still smiling. She may even get to come home at the end of this next week :) So here are the pics I promised and LOTS of thanks :) One of my favorite pictures is her on the bed with all of the mail. She was not stopping until she opened all of the mail....that took 1 1/2 hours!! I told her maybe next week I can bring more mail to her at home instead of at the hospital.

And how cute is this!!! This came from Aime Stewart in MD!! She put this hat on as soon as she opened it and didn't take it off :):)

A big thank you to the Rock Island High School Cheerleaders for this fabulous card that my daughter Ariel was in charge of.

Some yummy candy came from Nikki Sivils, and her sisters took off with the bubble wrap :)

Now for the many thanks to all of you who sent letters to brighten her day. I will post this once a week so that you know Olivia has gotten your mail :)

TheRockyCheerleaders:Ariel,CoachL ,Victoria,Kiana,Lindsey,Kristin,Ashley,Justyce,Jordan,Helena,Ally,Izzie K.,Stasi,Coach M,Dennicia,Dariyn,Lauren,Sarah,Adriana,Abigail,Ashley J.,Taylor,Izzi W.,Katey,Cierra,Carolina,Brandi,Jolinda,Dominique,Aviana.

THANK YOU TO....Nikki & Dan Sivils MO,Julie & Brookie AZ,Janet B IA,Michele H TX,Rotheker IN,L. Berry GA,L. Brandyberry OH,Kassandra IL,L. Kuehl NV,Jessica Milan,IL, D. Wright MI,M. Gross CO,Dehne Family WI,M. Gurney IL, S. Haganman IA,L. Auclai NH,B. Flynn WI,Rasbach MI,L. Steinert NJ, K. Hansen IL, H. Rodriguez IL,A. Lavery IL,M.Oliee AR,B.E. Talaasen CO,K. Cabelbag CA,K. Olivetta FL,Ashwood Dr TX,C. Kochensparger OH,E. Aguinaga CA,B. Urbanik TX,I. Wong CA,Wilcox PA,K. Potchak VA,Cricut Card Fairy Kathy CA,M. Voss MO, J. Wilson TX, R. Walers WV,M. Watson MI,J. Blay VA,Pixie Dust Paper NV,J. Griffin IL, M. Dorbeck IL,Pedersen from Sweden,Wyman NY,L. Atwell OK, J. McFarland OH, S. Milich VA, Jennings Family CA,C. Poindexter WA,Veis CA,C. Delano CT,M. Quinto UT,P. Meng MI,Tom & Cindy Urbanik TX,Johunkin Family TX,A. Stewart MD,Beswick IL, J. Monhety HI, L. Alonzo TX,T. Tauscher CA,E. Wetten AZ,Margret IA, G.Diehl LA,M. Peacock CA, A. Edwards LA!!!!!!



  1. Just found out about this today through another blog. Read through your blog and I'm so happy that the surgery went well and things are looking up. Such a brave, smiling little angel she is! All the best to her and her loved ones!

  2. So glad to see that happy smile on Olivia's face, I will be doing a call on my personal blog on 8/29 12am (est), hopefully we get more cards to Olivia, and lots of well wishes too.

    Kirsty Vittetoe

  3. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww! You all ready know how HAPPY this makes me!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for Olivia and YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for all those AMAZING angels out there! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. so glad the good news keeps on coming! yay!!

  5. This is so awesome! So happy to see such a huge smile on Olivia's cute little face! Continuing to pray and sending well wishes!

  6. I have just heard about this from a post on Regina's blog. are you still accepting cards and such? I would love to send out something as well as make a post on my blog. :)

  7. That is so touching, and I'm sure Olivia is thrilled to get so much mail. Good news about the tumor, too. I don't know the whole story, but I'm guessing this little sweetie is your DD.