Friday, February 25, 2011

Playing with paper, twine & Xyron

Hey there everyone....well TGIF!!! So I came across these super cool wooden bobbins from Maya Road at The Scrapbooking Studio and thought.......I could make a braclet with some of my scrap paper. So gather some of your left over paper (I used Jillibean paper), Xyron 150 and of course some twine!

Step one - Cut your strips of paper to the width of the bobbin and also cut pieces of twine then run through your Xyron machine.

Step two - Simply wrap the paper and twine around the bobbins.

Step three - Grab some beads and stretch magic and simply alternate the paper bobbins with the twine bobbins placing a bead between each bobbin.

So there is my little project for remember NEVER throw away your scrap pieces of paper, you never know what you can make with them.


  1. ok seriously!!! What a fun and cute idea!! LOVE IT!!!

  2. cute Idea....I'm assuming you used permanent ahdesive?